Once you choose your product style you need repaired, you will be taken to a new page where you can customise the style of shoe, and then the repairs you require. If you need more information then see below for our FAQ’s where you can find some more detailed information about your repair.


High heels, dress shoes, flats & sandals, wedges and casual.


RM, flat sole, Doc Martins, laced, high heel, hiking and work boots.


Cork bed sandals with strap overlays.


Handbags, satchels, briefcases, belts and more


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We have some our most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered below, please read over our Terms & Conditions. If you still need some questions answered, please send an email or call us. We’re only too happy to help you.

AN ANTI-SLIP SOLE is generally referred to a rubber sole between 1.5mm and 1.8mm thick applied as a protection to the original sole of your shoe. This assists in preventing the original sole from wearing thin in the middle, sides or toe areas.

AN ESSENTIAL REPAIR is a combination of replacing your heel tip and removing ½ (half) of the original sole and replacing with a similarly thick sole. We will glue down the heel covers, insoles and condition your shoes.

STRETCHING DOES WORK YES.  However, stretching is designed to relieve the tension on your foot, not to stretch the shoe into an extra size. Trying to do this can damage the upper of a shoe and can cause the sole to pop off. Some leathers and synthetic materials will give a better stretch than others. We will mount your shoes on our stretching machine for a minimum of 8 hours/overnight.

WATERPROOFING DOES WORK YES.  This is not a once only application and we can do this via different methods. By using a waterproofing spray we can give a good coverage of your shoes. You should always re-apply every 3 to 4 wears. Another method for more rugged shoes like hiking boots is to use beeswax. Please consult one of my qualified shoe technicians for advice.

A HEEL TIP is the bottom tip of the heel block. This can vary in different materials and sizes from plastic to rubber and even leather can be used. The thickness can vary from 3mm to 10mm depending on style of shoe or boot. Average is 5mm to 7mm. This can also come in various colours and we will match up the colour as close to the original heel tip.

Handbags, Satchels and Duffles have so many repairs.  Some are simple repairs, however many require specific materials or hardware that we need to source before we can quote.   When you send us the information and upload photos, we can then have a look at the repair as if you were in our stores and quote you directly.   Once we can confirm we can help you and you are happy with the quote we can have the repair sent into us.

As a guide it will depend on how many eyelet holes are on one side of the shoe (ie. 4 eyelets to one side equals 8 eyelets to 1 shoe or 16 eyelets to a pair of shoes). Review the lace size chart for examples.

A TOE TIP REPLACEMENT is where you have worn the toe of the sole down and it is starting to wear away the upper of the shoe. We graft in a new piece of synthetic material or leather into your original sole approx. 40mm back from toe. This is a more cost effective technique than replacing the original sole and protects the toe from further wear. If you are unsure of whether this suits your shoes, please call one of our qualified tradespersons.

A REMOVE & GLUE is where the glue of your original sole has given way. There is often no need to replace the sole providing your original sole is still in good condition. Our tradespeople can use specific techniques to re-attach your original sole saving you the cost of new soles or a new pair of shoes.

Throwing caution to the wind, Yes!  This is a common repair with stiletto shoes. We may need to glue and tack or screw the heel block back on. Before we do this type of repair, we will inspect the shank of the shoe to ensure it has not broken. It is best that you take the shoe into one of our retail outlets to obtain advice. Look at our store locations for an outlet close to you.

Yes, we can. We refer to this repair as your heel liner or back liner. This repair is to protect any unnecessary wear on your heel stiffener and the leather collapsing.

This is not always possible. We work closely with leather suppliers to match the closest we can to the original colour. If we cannot match it exactly, we will discuss with you.


Drop us a message to let us know what repair you were looking for and we will let you know what we can do to help!